Diveplane /dīv – plān/ 

A rudder or plane structure hung on a horizontal axis on a submarine for steering it in an upward or downward direction.

Diveplane Corporation is a groundbreaking technology startup dedicated to keeping the humanity in AI. Our first project is an Understandable AI decision system.

We believe in Responsible AI, meaning machines ought to preserve, amplify, and empower the best intentions of humanity both in how they function technically, and how they are applied to solve problems – unlike uninterpretable black box systems that make life-altering decisions in an instant, but can’t explain why.

Our proprietary and patented AI platform is faster than current off-the-shelf solutions and can train on significantly less data, while also addressing the technical shortcomings and societal concerns that have kept many from trusting and adopting AI.

The future of AI is understandable.  Diveplane is Understandable AI.


Diveplane Corp., a Raleigh, NC based company, was founded by Christopher J. Hazard, PhD, Michael Capps, PhD, and Mike Resnick in September of 2017.


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At Diveplane, you will work with incredibly talented leaders in technology and artificial intelligence.  We believe Responsible AI requires Understandable AI, and it takes an exceptional crew to change the way the world trusts and uses artificial intelligence.

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